Author: Satchin Panda, PhD Graphic Design: Dora Wang All of us may be shift workers; which shift worker are you? For the thousands of years that humans have existed on this planet, our circadian rhythms have been perfectly synchronized with the day:night cycle. We stayed awake during the

Author: Satchin Panda, PhD Seven links between circadian disruption and disease How do we figure out if a disease has something to do with circadian rhythm? There are many ways to connect circadian rhythm disruptions to a given disease, some are very obvious and straightforward, whereas others

Author: Satchin Panda, PhD The word circadian comes from the Latin words circa (meaning approximately) and dian (meaning day). So, any rhythm that repeats itself once each day is circadian. Almost every plant, animal, and many microbes on our planet have these rhythms. For example, plants raise their

Author: Nathan Le The hindering effects of alcohol are pretty universally known. We know that if we drink too much of it, an array of terrible symptoms overcomes us. We also know that if we drank a sizeable amount of alcohol, our behavior could change.  What’s the


Author: Nathan Le   The Anti-Sumo Regiment   We were recently contacted by Barry Isaac, a gentleman who informed us that he had been practicing a version of Time Restricted Feeding for 16 years, with impressive results. Despite arriving at conclusions similar to ours, his approach was intriguingly different.


Author: Nathan Le   This week we are featuring a study on nutrition and mental health, done in Australia!   Are you curious about the potential upsides to dietary improvement? Does a healthy diet have potential to improve one’s mental health? According to the study below -published recently


Author: Nathan Le Having been exposed to many of the trending diets, we can assume one thing - diets can be complicated and incompatible. The amount of effort that one has to invest in a diet isn’t always worth it, especially when it requires special appliances

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