A Personal Bit: Finals

A Personal Bit – Finals


Author: Nathan Le


Finals week is notoriously stressful for almost everyone involved in it. While the burden on the students is relatively clear during this time, what can one expect as a professor?


Given the weight of the final, the statistics that come afterwards, and the administration of a test covering 10 weeks of accelerated material (at least at UCSD), one could plausibly conclude that professors bear a burden akin to that of students during finals week. After all, professors are the ones charged with developing, organizing, teaching, and testing the material, while students only have to learn it – albeit a big, heavy burden.


How does this apparent stress affect one’s metabolism, sleep patterns, and activity?


With this question in mind, I reached out to one of my previous professors, Professor Robert Campbell, a Business Professor at the Rady School of Management. The answers he gave to my questions were quite surprising.


I had inquired about stress levels, sleep patterns, activity, and eating habits during finals, and his answers were far from what I expected. When asked about stress, Professor Campbell stated that he was hardly stressed, given his faith in his student’s doing well. When similarly asked about his sleep patterns, activity levels, and eating habits, he stated that they were all consistent with his habits from before. Essentially, finals had no effect on the Professor. Why? He attributes much of it to the fact that he has TA’s for every class he teaches.
Before I interviewed the Professor regarding his habits during finals, I had one question in mind, “How does finals affect the other half, the administrator?”. Now, having been given an answer, I am left wondering – the possibilities that would open up, if students had assistants to help aleve such stress.

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