Welcome to our blog! This blog will feature posts from our lab as well as many other physicians, researchers, nutritionists, etc. Our goal is to compile a wide range of perspectives on biological rhythms, lifestyle, and health and wellness from a variety of experts. We will also be posting summaries of specific research studies as well as lifestyle interviews with a diverse group of health individuals. Check back every Friday for new posts!

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A case for precise insulin dosing in type 2 diabetes   Author: Nimet Maherali, Ph.D. Twitter: https://twitter.com/nimet_maherali Medium: https://medium.com/@nimet.maherali This is the story of how I helped my dad with his diabetes. After reversing my own pre-diabetes and drawing

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Author: Marianne Kotcher September is when you weigh the least. Can you guess what time of year you weigh the most? If you find yourself saying some version of perhaps the most


USING TIME-RESTRICTED EATING TO REVERSE PRE-DIABETES This post is by a scientist diagnosed with pre-diabetes, who then chronicled their experience using time-restricted eating (TRE) to reverse the condition.   Author: Nimet Maherali, PhD / @nimet_maherali I’m a scientist

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