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A case for precise insulin dosing in type 2 diabetes   Author: Nimet Maherali, Ph.D. Twitter: Medium: This is the story of how I helped my dad with his diabetes. After reversing my own pre-diabetes and drawing on research from circadian rhythm biology, I made a  recommendation

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Author: Marianne Kotcher September is when you weigh the least. Can you guess what time of year you weigh the most? If you find yourself saying some version of perhaps the most common holiday refrain: “I’m really going to get back on


USING TIME-RESTRICTED EATING TO REVERSE PRE-DIABETES This post is by a scientist diagnosed with pre-diabetes, who then chronicled their experience using time-restricted eating (TRE) to reverse the condition.   Author: Nimet Maherali, PhD / @nimet_maherali I’m a scientist who has studied both type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Author: Satchin Panda, PhD Seven links between circadian disruption and disease How do we figure out if a disease has something to do with circadian rhythm? There are many ways to connect circadian rhythm disruptions to a given disease, some are very obvious and straightforward, whereas others

Author: Satchin Panda, PhD The word circadian comes from the Latin words circa (meaning approximately) and dian (meaning day). So, any rhythm that repeats itself once each day is circadian. Almost every plant, animal, and many microbes on our planet have these rhythms. For example, plants raise their

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