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Author: Dan Zigmond I never thought I would write a diet book. But I did. I thought some people might be interested to know why. I’m a data scientist. In my day job, I’m Director of Analytics for Facebook. I spend my time there thinking about why people

Our Eating clock

I was introduced to time restricted feeding by a friend, who shared its rich scientific story. As an engineer, I believe in Science and listening to your own body. It’s rare to find one lifestyle change that can work just as effectively for everyone. Everyone

Your alarm goes off. Snooze three times. Roll out of bed, and splash coffee into a mug on your way out the door. It’s Monday, so today you have an 8am class, followed by work, volunteering, work again, and another class. You won’t get home

A recent study published in Cell Metabolism September 2015, determined that most of us are eating longer than 15 hours a day. The eating duration of 15 hours is derived from when a person takes their first bite of nutrition or a sip of

Being a physician and a mom sometimes feels like a brain splitting experience. A doctor mom has the same worries as any other mother, all the while the doctor brain is constantly rearing its own opinion. Mothers all share similar worries about their child’s safety,

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